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I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells

I read it in one day.

The clear point of comparison for I Am Not A Serial Killer/John Cleaver is to Dexter, so let’s start there. I like John better, as a character and a serial killer. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Dexter (also read ’em in a day), but I’ve never really been afraid of Dexter. Despite his total lack of empathy and tendency to murder, he blends in so well that I would gladly be his friend. We could golf, have barbecues. The wives and kids playing in the back yard while we drink something manly and appropriate and make quips about bloody meat (or something). Dexter is so in control that, for a serial killer, he’s down-right cuddly.

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The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir is the best hard science fiction I’ve ever read (disclaimer: I haven’t read a lot of hard science fiction). Simultaneously hilarious, nail-biting, and heroic while being scientifically accurate (the final print version, at least). And, since it’s science fiction in the very-near-future, there’s little-to-no hand-waving; the technology in the book is technology we have and understand today.

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Review: The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett

I’ve never liked Rincewind. He’s got all the likability of a sea mine, and about as much directionless destructive ability. This is the point, I suppose, and while I don’t necessarily need a likable lead in the novels I read (certain Malazan books come to mind), there’s a detestability about Rincewind that makes me want to obsessively wash my hands.

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Review: Absolute Sandman, Vol. 4 by Neil Gaiman

To understand this review, first you have to understand how I read the Sandman comics. Whenever my wife goes away for a few days, I read a volume of the Absolute Sandman. I don’t quite know how I started this or why, but this is how things are. And, just over a year ago, my daughter was born. The past several days have been the first my daughter’s been away from me since she was born.

This is the environment in which I’ve started–and finished–Absolute Sandman, Vol 4. For reasons that will become obviously, spoilers to follow.

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